Jazz from the Underground

I am lucky enough to have been asked to participate in a Jazz Photo Showcase at this event. I can’t wait to see everyone’s work framed and hanging up. Seeing images online is one thing, but up close prints that are matted and framed is what this is all about. I have been shooting Jazz musicians seriously for nearly 8 years and you can’t beat getting up close at one of these performances. This will be my second major showing of my Jazz imagery. Back in 2012 I was part of a 4 man show that ran at The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, Philly Jazz- A View Through the Lens.  It was great working with other photographers who share the same passion as myself. If you would like to know what drives us, click here –  A Jazz Photographer’s Story.  


JazzUndergroundProgram_DRAFTCOVER-2 JazzUndergroundFlyer_FINAL

Father’s Day Offer

Show that special Dad how much they mean to you with an Anthony Dean Photography photo session. For Father’s Day, I am offering $50 off the shooting fee. Normally $150, this special gives you a savings of $50 in which you can put towards extra images for loved ones. After all, hasn’t he worked hard all year? Let him relax while I do all of the work.


Reaching for that Quarter

This week was pretty good for me photographically. I finished up shooting a session with Michael. As usual, Mike didn’t feel too comfortable in front of my camera at first, but after just a few frames he and my lens started a relationship of their own. Of course I had to step in and take over things. Michael wanted to go for a casual look that made a quick left turn into gritty. So we started out in a nice park and ended up under the El. I titled this ‘Reaching for that Quarter’ because Michael will be turning 25 years old this summer.

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Amber & Andre


Amber and Andre are a sibling team who love each other and enjoy each other’s company considerably. When they found out about the upcoming shoot, they were very excited and could hardly hold back their joy. At first it was difficult to direct them both because of the neighborly distractions. We set the stage right next to their house, so the other kids in the neighborhood had the sudden urge to test their own camera shyness. Let me tell you, they were not afraid of the camera. After a little coaxing from the parents, things started moving smoothly. These two little tikes were so much fun to photograph and kept me on my toes and heels the whole time.

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A Moment in the Sun

I had another opportunity to shoot with Alex in a more relaxed natural location. It is such a pleasure when you come across someone who doesn’t need total direction. This session just flowed as natural as the location setting.

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