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Jazz On A Lazy Afternoon


Trenton, NJ was the spotlight for this afternoon of Jazz. Some people cut the grass, some get their cars washed, while some just sit around doing nothing because it’s the weekend and their plans for the evening have not yet divulged themselves. Other people took it upon themselves to head on out to The Candlelight Lounge in Trenton for some hard hitting Jazz music. This location has been headlining this music for over 30 years now.  The band for this particular performance was Byron Landham on drums, Neil Podgurski on the keys, Joe Plowman on bass, along with Josh Lee on baritone sax. These fellas covered 2 generations with Byron Landham taking charge over the younger cats. The very attentive crowd, who obviously know their music, had no problem expressing their enjoyment over being able to attend this showcase. At the break, there was a nice buffet of ‘stick to ya ribs’ food included with your $10 admission fee. Who can beat that? If you venture down to Philadelphia, $10 will get you parking before even leaving your car. So this is a great deal here folks. You get top rated musicians, up-close seating, an appreciative crowd, a meal, and a smile that stays with you all the way back home. If you’d like to get to one of these Saturday matinee’s, which happen every week, click the link below for showtimes and upcoming artists. Also, please enjoy my photographic documentation of the event below.


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The Chris Farr Quartet


Tonight we were treated to a very fine showing of musical talent by The Chris Farr Quartet. It was held at The Cheltenham Arts Center and part of the Jazz Bridge Neighborhood Concerts Series. I just love these shows. They are set up so that you are nice and comfy in the crowd and every seat is in a great position to see and hear music that actually moves you. Chris lead his group on tenor sax with Dave Posmontier on keys, Madison Rast on acoustic bass, and Dan Monoghan on the drum kit. During the intermission question and answer session, we found that these gentleman only had one day for a few hours to practice for this show and they all came together like peanut butter & jelly. Don’t mind my metaphoric phrases as I just love food and music, so to intertwine the two comes quite natural. I know many weren’t able to make it out to this show, but Jazz Bridge now has six locations for this series. For those who are reading this, I would hope that with my images below, you are able to imagine how exciting these shows are.

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The Anwar Marshall Trio brings warmth to the soul.


The scene was The Cheltenham Arts Center. The time was seven thirty pm. The group was The Anwar Marshall Trio. There were a few incarnations of tonight’s group. For one reason or another, Anwar was forced to bring out the big guns. Saxophonist Adam Siegel, a student of The University of the Arts here in Philadelphia, was summoned down from Albany, NY for the evening. Bassist Nimrod Speaks was a last minute fill-in and wasn’t even in the program of the M.C. Drummer Anwar Marshall has been a hot commodity in and around Philadelphia and is no stranger to the stage. You would think these cats had been playing this music together for weeks, but as I mentioned, they had minimal practice sessions. Whenever I go to a show, I wonder what kind of music will be played, meaning am I going to hear standards all evening or are they going to hit me with some original music. Well this night I was smacked in the face with some Anwar Marshall Originals. People are always asking where the future of Jazz music is going. What will these young folks bring to the table that I haven’t heard already? Well, how many times do you want to hear people playing Half Nelson? Of course, we all want to hear something familiar, but to hear the new writings of a drummer,  and have his young band bring the crowd to their feet, then they’re doing something right. By the way, the evening finished with Rhythm Changes for those who needed to be taken back.

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