The Truth Of What I Am- The George Burton Cd Release at SOUTH

            noun 1. the direction toward the point of the horizon 90° clockwise from east, or the point on the horizon itself.
In this case, we’re talking about the newest Jazz Club in Philadelphia. South has great food, nice drinks, and wonderful music. Philly’s own George Burton held  his cd release party this past weekend and it didn’t disappoint at all. I decided to catch the second set, mainly because the group is warmed up and ready to burn. George is very low key, but his playing on the piano takes center stage. Helping him out that night were Tim Warfield on saxes, Jason Palmer on trumpet, Pablo Menares on bass, and Wayne Smith Jr on drums. The crowd was very attentive and respectful. I don’t see how anyone would even want to get up from their seat during this set. As a group, everything was tight and in the pocket. Even when taking a step ‘out’ musically, you still felt like all the noted belonged.
 I heard a few songs from the cd on the radio the night before, I also got to listen to it on my drive home, and I want to see this group again. George’s comping behind the soloists keeps your attention. Tim and Jason brought the fire and all George did was to put more gas on the flames. Wayne Smith Jr kept the package together back there in the corner with a steady pulsating rhythm, and Pabalo was the glue holding it all together. Overall, when George comes back to Philly, I’ll make it my business to take the short trip to Swingville.  Feel free to follow George Burton as his career keeps moving up the ladder and whatever you do, keep Jazz alive. I hope you enjoy my photographic account of the evening.
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Jailyn & Manny

WOW! What a great session i had this past weekend with Jailyn and Manny. They were very outgoing and were very comfortable in front of my camera. They needed photos for their initial entry into the modeling business and I wanted to give them the best images I could to impress those people who are making the decisions which can make or break a career. I hope they get an Oscar!


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The Masked Marauder

It’s a beautiful thing when you are out in a park looking for some new faces to capture with your camera and you see the perfect subject. This particular gentleman had his self built motorcycle out for the day and was just leaving in order to beat any rain that may be developing in the far away clouds. I convinced him to stick around for a few minutes, and promised that he wouldn’t get wet from any rain. Well, he stayed, and these are some of the results of what was captured.

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Unity in the Community- JAZZ


Carol Mitchell-Faulkner would have you believe that she’s 20 years old with all the running around she does. She’s actually the mother of Justin Faulkner and Nazir Ebo, two of Philadelphia’s premier drummers. Her vision of getting guns off the street becomes even clearer each year The Community Unity Jazz Festival takes over Clark Park in West Philly. The idea is to get youth in the community to pick up instruments and to put down the guns. In a time where everyone feels the need to express their 2nd Amendment rights, and to be strapped out on the streets, these guns always seem to find their way into the wrong hands. Yes, people have the right to bare arms, but they don’t have the right to accidentally shoot a 4 year old girl in front of her house playing hopscotch. The violence is getting out of hand and Carol is actually doing something. Some talk about it, others organize, and this past weekend, organize is what she did. I got my camera and headed on down to document the day in the style that I love. You can view some of the afternoon’s highlights below this post. You must promise yourself one thing though, that you’ll read the whole thing. no peeking.

This year’s line-up was , CiaraFaye Martin (singer), Bobby Zankel & The Warriors of the Wonderful Sound, Suzanne Burgess (singer), Zenia McPherson (singer), Killiam Shakespeare Band, The Universal Dance & Drum Ensemble, Clef Club Ambassador Big Band, and closing the afternoon was Papo Vazquez Mighty Pirates & Troubadours. It was a hot day nonetheless with temperatures soaring into the high 90’s, but I had my lemonade and cool sounds to dial back the temps a bit. In anticipation of each following group, your ears were salivating to the point that you didn’t even know it was that hot. All in all, the day long festival brought out families and all kinds of friends out that I haven’t seen in a long time. When you hear about The Community Unity Jazz Festival next year, mark my words, you won’t be disappointed with the music, but most of all…..


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A City On fire; The DNC Takes Over Philly


What a week for the Democrats. Last week the Republican National convention took over Cleveland, Ohio. Well this week in Philadelphia, Pa the Democratic National Convention took the city by storm. All of the planning that went into this convention was articulated with the greatest details. The Wells Fargo Center, home of the Philadelphia 76’ers and the Flyers is the meeting place for some the best media coverage by the news networks, print, and radio. Big named news reporters and pundits, too many to mention, they all want to give some of their own insight on the matters at hand. Of course the week couldn’t start off without scandal as the story of hacked e-mails that floated to the surface on the eve of this big event. This single event opened up a can of snakes because of the implied actions that were included in these e-mails. For those of you who don’t know, many Bernie Sanders supporters feel he was cheated. I don’t want to go into all of the details as I’m sure you have heard about them already, and if not, someone else will be a better interpreter than I.

I finally made it down to the Wells Fargo Center on the third day of the convention in hopes if getting some very interesting images of voters, protesters, and the Philadelphia Police, along with multitudes of different law enforcement agencies. Was I wrong. On the first day of the DNC, there was lots of energy spent in the FDR Park across the parking lot and outside of the gates of the actual convention. I found a tent community that looked whooped, as if they fought many battles to date. I spent  few hours in this area of town with my highlight being talking to some Bernie Sanders disenfranchised supporters. I headed back to Center City and upon my arrival, I came across a crowd that was quickly growing. Bull horns, signs, and musicians on stage. I knew I was where I wanted and needed to be on that day. “JILL STEIN!!!” is what they were chanting. Jill is from the Green Party, a third party candidate. The crowd knows her and is patiently awaiting her arrival. I will stop my story here. The images I captured on that day will continue the story. Whichever political party you favor, make sure you get out to vote on November 8th. Don’t let your voice go unheard.

If you don’t vote, don’t complain.

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