Tamia and Terrence celebrate a milestone- Sweet Sixteen

Growing up, I wanted my teenage years to fly by so that I could hurry up and become an adult. I’ve learned as an adult that these times are meant to be cherished. You will never have the freedoms as we did when we were teenagers. This night, twins Tamia and Terrence celebrated a big step in life. When you turn sixteen, you’re basically getting as close to adulthood, but without the responsibilities. Your freedoms are broad and slowly slipping away. This is more reason to have your closest family and friends with you as you make these steps. When you have great parents who are understanding, this transition can be a breeze. You will always need family to get through the tough times as well as embracing you when you’re successful.

During this occasion, I noticed so much love in the building. I saw their friends from school, family from out of town, and the closest friendships that seem will be around for many years to come. The establishment was beautifully decorated and the smell of the food had me shaking for a few of my camera shots. Brother and Sister entered the main room and everyone melted with emotion. The parents were so proud and you can tell by the subtle tears flowing down their cheek. That’s where it is though, when you can see your children and become emotional over the thought of where they came to where they are now, that’s something special. This celebration of the sixteenth birthday of Tamia and Terrence was a very exciting evening. I was so glad that I was chosen to document this special occasion, to show the transition from kid to adult, the documentation of love.

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