A fun day in the park; Family portraits show family love

What a beautiful time I had capturing memories for the Evangelista family in beautiful Lorimer Park in Montgomery County, Pa. This was my first time at this particular park which hosts a ranger station and picnic area. During our shoot, there was a fire made and we were able to get some warmth while creating some late Fall images. The kids gave me all the personality while the parents kept the calm. This time of the year there aren’t many leaves left, but we were able to find some beautiful locations within the park. You can look at the images and see how the family shows love. From the parents personal images, to the young ones having fun on the covered bridge. When I shoot a family, I want to portray just that, the love that each individual brings. It’s like a computer, you have all kinds of separate parts all working together to make it work. Take away one component, things stop working. The Evangelista family have no worries. The way they all worked together, showed love for each other, showed patience and understanding, and this was just a photo shoot. I’m sure they will be even more be there for each other years down the road.