Demanding Respect; Pulling Trump’s Card

In the shadow of last Fall’s election, women are filled up to the gills with the rhetoric of Donald Trump. He continually put down women, handicapped, and those from other lands that are here only to try for a better life. Today, the lava spilled over the edges. Not just in the Unite States, but the whole world joined in solidarity to express their dislike of the forty fifth President of the United Stated. Never in my life have I seen an election in this country effect the world. The country at this time is even more divided. Friends losing friends, religions are being looked at with more scrutiny than ever before.

The following images that I captured are only an example of the emotion. You’ll see tears, you’ll see smiles, and you’ll see creative ways that individuals chose to express their feelings by way of signs and other verbal shouts. I don’t want to use too many words to explain what happened today, but I would like you to take your time viewing the images. Maybe you feel these issues don’t matter to you because you’re not a women, but this goes beyond that. If you are reading this, a woman birthed you. She had that right, but people are afraid those rights and other freedoms are about to go way of the dinosaur.