We Love You Elvin

Growing up in Morrisville, Pa, we were a close knit community.  Some families were larger than others, and we pretty much knew all of the members. Myself, we had six kids. Other families that I remember back then, growing up in the 1970’s had 6,7, and 8 kids. The Velez’s had 7 kids, and I knew them all. When I heard that the eldest was going through a tough time of his life, I felt that there would be a lot of love in the room for this occasion. Was I wrong? Nope. As I pulled up to the catering hall, there were people outside mingling. The parking lot was packed similar to a wedding reception. This however, was more than a wedding reception. This was a celebration of family, friendship, love, and life.

Elvin has bladder cancer, and although while giving a speech, he didn’t know the technical name for it, we all know the results all too well of this terrible sickness. We’ve all lost someone to this, but this warrior is here for the full fight. If you’ve ever met Elvin, you would never know he was under any doctor’s care. He can brighten a room of 500 people. If the lights blew, you could read a book by standing next to Elvin. That’s what people showed up for, to be near Elvin and show him that he’s the reason for some of the happiness in their lives. His family showed gratitude with some great food and a truckload of door prizes. If you didn’t come, you missed out on enough prizes to send Oprah’s crowd home with. In these images, I tried to show the vibe of the room that evening with what seemed to be over 300 people, all in celebration of Elvin. I saw some people I’ve seen recently and some I haven’t seen since I rode a Big Wheel. Talking and laughing, food and drink, family and friends, yes, if you know Elvin, if you grew up with Elvin, if you work with Elvin and you missed this occasion, reach out to him. Keep fighting Elvin. You have a whole group of soldiers behind you.

To see more images from this event, click on this link. BEEF AND BEER