Sierra Hull invades Philly

This weekend, I was pleased to get to see Sierra Hull and her wonderful group of musicians at Milkboy, a quaint restaurant in Philadelphia with an upstairs music venue. Leading up the stairs are posters of coming events, and it gives you a feel that you’re about to experience something special. Sierra showed up with three different mandolins, Eddie Barbash brought his alto saxophone, Ethan Jodziewicz was on the double-bass, and opening for this magnificent group was Scott Mulvahill on the double-bass and vocals. Scott opened the show by splitting through the crowd and entering up the steps. He stands tall, he is great looking, and had the power to keep the crowd’s attention throughout his whole set. His bass playing is excellent and he holds his own with his sultry voice on the mic. If Superman were a musician, he’d look like Scott Mulvahill. After warming up the audience, Sierra and her men entered the stage. The swift playing of her mandolin keeps your attention as you wait to see where she’s heading with each note of her playing. Eddie takes over with the smooth saxophone sounds that immediately bring to mind, the intonations of Johnny Hodges. Ethan was incredible on the bass, holding that back beat and providing the glue for the evening’s set. When Sierra speaks on the mic, you can hear the joy in her voice of being able to share her beautiful music with everyone. She’s small, but makes up for it when she starts to play. The band really gelled together for this evening of music and just when you thought you had seen and heard it all, at the end of the night, Sarah brought Scott back onstage to have a double bass playing quartet. After the show, the musicians had a meet and greet with the fans which I thought was fabulous. I’d say the evening was quite a surprise to me as I’ve never had the opportunity to see Sierra perform live. I will definitely follow her and the different bands she tours with. If you get the chance, check out Sierra Hull, I guarantee you’ll leave with a smile on your face.