Marching For Our Lives And Your Future

During a period where gun ownership seems to be at an all time high, there seems to be a shifting position on the thought of being able to own assault type style rifles. These guns have been used in some of the worst mass shootings over the last twenty years. For the most part, after these tragic events, Government agencies take the stance days after with “Thoughts and prayers go out to the victims.” This standard response is starting to be like telling someone who just lost a cat, ” If you need anything, let me know.” People just move on from it. With recent events however in Parkland, Fl, the story has taken a major turn. With the advent of social media over the last ten years, with smart phones and smart televisions, these children are also becoming smarter. Not in the sense of book smart, but able to see through the wool. Their opinions are strong and their voices need to be heard. These politicians are up against their own careers with the important decisions they make in the coming months with the mid-term elections. This seems to be a non-partisan issue. Bullets screaming down the hallway aren’t asking what your party affiliation is, they are meant to take the last breath before you even think about the next.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is a rather large high school in Florida who happened to be the latest victims of these weapons. On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, an ex student went into the school and took the lives of seventeen students and faculty. This loss of life has created a movement that doesn’t seem to be settling, but gaining momentum like a Mid-Western dust storm. The voices on television and radio of the survivors have had the most support for stepping up their efforts to do something about these weapons. They want to go to school worrying about what color prom dress to acquire, not which dress to wear for their funerals. Through social media, a wave of consciousness has been set forward. The students have organized and are ready to go to war. Not with guns, but with new legislation.

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, the movement gassed up their tanks. Marches were organized, not only in Washington D.C., but Philadelpia, New York, and all major and minor cities throughout the country. Let’s also add, hundreds of cities worldwide who support the right of life for the students in the United States. I was in Philadelphia. When I lined up, I didn’t know there was that many people in the opposite direction¬† of where I was facing. It was surprising when I stopped marching to split the crowd like a tree in the middle of a brook. Once everyone reached the staging area, about a 2 mile walk, people were anxious to hear the inspiring speeches from many politicians, students, and social entertainers. One story that hit home was of Mark Timpone, a parent from Florida who actually owned an AR-15 which he purchased from a gun show. He worked the legal loop holes in order to purchase this weapon. The guilt of the latest shooting has made Mark get rid of his rifle.

These events will only continue and I can see more marches and protests in the near future if there aren’t stronger laws governing these weapons. I don’t want to get into the people who are discrediting these students by saying they could never organize these events themselves. By having this thought process, you’re in essence saying that we have no confidence in the youth of this country to run it when all of us older folks are dead. I have strong confidence, without a shadow of a doubt that these students that are making these speeches and taking action in the voting booth will soon be running for office. You can either get with them or get out of the way. Whatever you do, be ready for some big changes to come.