I am a Philadelphia based photographer and have been hard at work honing my craft for nearly 15 years. Originally from Morrisville Pa, I have always felt very comfortable behind the camera as my Father used to give me the duties during special occasions with the family. After my son was born, I wanted to capture all of the special moments and realized how much more I wanted to learn about the photographic arts. Following my love of Jazz music, People, and The Streets, it was only natural for me to capture these images as I saw them. These images are what inspire me to do what I do. In the beginning, of course my images lacked the punch that I looked for as I was using minimal equipment, a point and shoot camera. It didn’t take him long to get up to speed with my shooting as I started to hit the streets and Jazz shows.

When I’m photographing a musician, I’m looking for that raw emotion that is on display for everyone to see, but I try to take you deeper into the subject aesthetically. When shooting the streets, I try to be un-intrusive and to capture life as it is. What I want  you to get from viewing my images is a sense of being right in the front row, on that corner, in that dark alley, or maybe you feel like you’re viewing directly through my camera.

Over the years, I’ve fell in love with the face. Nothing beats capturing someone’s personality photographically. It’s here in this space that you as the photographer have the job of knowing your subject, getting close.

When not photographing, I am a letter carrier for The United States Postal Service and hope to capture that special image that will make me not want to take another photograph again in my life. I’ve had my images featured at The Philadelphia Kimmel Center, LaColombe Coffee House in Manayunk, The Arts Garage, and JazzTimes online.