Demanding Respect; Pulling Trump’s Card

In the shadow of last Fall’s election, women are filled up to the gills with the rhetoric of Donald Trump. He continually put down women, handicapped, and those from other lands that are here only to try for a better life. Today, the lava spilled over the edges. Not just in the Unite States, but the whole world joined in solidarity to express their dislike of the forty fifth President of the United Stated. Never in my life have I seen an election in this country effect the world. The country at this time is even more divided. Friends losing friends, religions are being looked at with more scrutiny than ever before.

The following images that I captured are only an example of the emotion. You’ll see tears, you’ll see smiles, and you’ll see creative ways that individuals chose to express their feelings by way of signs and other verbal shouts. I don’t want to use too many words to explain what happened today, but I would like you to take your time viewing the images. Maybe you feel these issues don’t matter to you because you’re not a women, but this goes beyond that. If you are reading this, a woman birthed you. She had that right, but people are afraid those rights and other freedoms are about to go way of the dinosaur.

A fun day in the park; Family portraits show family love

What a beautiful time I had capturing memories for the Evangelista family in beautiful Lorimer Park in Montgomery County, Pa. This was my first time at this particular park which hosts a ranger station and picnic area. During our shoot, there was a fire made and we were able to get some warmth while creating some late Fall images. The kids gave me all the personality while the parents kept the calm. This time of the year there aren’t many leaves left, but we were able to find some beautiful locations within the park. You can look at the images and see how the family shows love. From the parents personal images, to the young ones having fun on the covered bridge. When I shoot a family, I want to portray just that, the love that each individual brings. It’s like a computer, you have all kinds of separate parts all working together to make it work. Take away one component, things stop working. The Evangelista family have no worries. The way they all worked together, showed love for each other, showed patience and understanding, and this was just a photo shoot. I’m sure they will be even more be there for each other years down the road.


Tamia and Terrence celebrate a milestone- Sweet Sixteen

Growing up, I wanted my teenage years to fly by so that I could hurry up and become an adult. I’ve learned as an adult that these times are meant to be cherished. You will never have the freedoms as we did when we were teenagers. This night, twins Tamia and Terrence celebrated a big step in life. When you turn sixteen, you’re basically getting as close to adulthood, but without the responsibilities. Your freedoms are broad and slowly slipping away. This is more reason to have your closest family and friends with you as you make these steps. When you have great parents who are understanding, this transition can be a breeze. You will always need family to get through the tough times as well as embracing you when you’re successful.

During this occasion, I noticed so much love in the building. I saw their friends from school, family from out of town, and the closest friendships that seem will be around for many years to come. The establishment was beautifully decorated and the smell of the food had me shaking for a few of my camera shots. Brother and Sister entered the main room and everyone melted with emotion. The parents were so proud and you can tell by the subtle tears flowing down their cheek. That’s where it is though, when you can see your children and become emotional over the thought of where they came to where they are now, that’s something special. This celebration of the sixteenth birthday of Tamia and Terrence was a very exciting evening. I was so glad that I was chosen to document this special occasion, to show the transition from kid to adult, the documentation of love.

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Fall Portraits with the Andujars- A Family Affair

Today was a beautiful Fall day. The colors are at their peak and the nice cool air provides the perfect backdrop for some family togetherness. Langhorne, Pa in the beautiful Core Creek Park is where today’s session was held. The Andujar’s came ready with excitement and enthusiasm which made my job that much easier. There are only a few more weekends left with these dense colors of the trees and leaves. If you don’t live in the Northeast territory of our country, you don’t know what you’re missing. Yes, you can go online to view images, but to smell the leaves drying, to see them slowly falling to the ground is quite something special.

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The Truth Of What I Am- The George Burton Cd Release at SOUTH

            noun 1. the direction toward the point of the horizon 90° clockwise from east, or the point on the horizon itself.
In this case, we’re talking about the newest Jazz Club in Philadelphia. South has great food, nice drinks, and wonderful music. Philly’s own George Burton held  his cd release party this past weekend and it didn’t disappoint at all. I decided to catch the second set, mainly because the group is warmed up and ready to burn. George is very low key, but his playing on the piano takes center stage. Helping him out that night were Tim Warfield on saxes, Jason Palmer on trumpet, Pablo Menares on bass, and Wayne Smith Jr on drums. The crowd was very attentive and respectful. I don’t see how anyone would even want to get up from their seat during this set. As a group, everything was tight and in the pocket. Even when taking a step ‘out’ musically, you still felt like all the noted belonged.
 I heard a few songs from the cd on the radio the night before, I also got to listen to it on my drive home, and I want to see this group again. George’s comping behind the soloists keeps your attention. Tim and Jason brought the fire and all George did was to put more gas on the flames. Wayne Smith Jr kept the package together back there in the corner with a steady pulsating rhythm, and Pabalo was the glue holding it all together. Overall, when George comes back to Philly, I’ll make it my business to take the short trip to Swingville.  Feel free to follow George Burton as his career keeps moving up the ladder and whatever you do, keep Jazz alive. I hope you enjoy my photographic account of the evening.
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